People don’t have many options instead of using only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as a web browser in their systems. On one hand, Chrome offers from the software giant which is google are gathering the ground as more users are switching from IE and Firefox despite due to his age while on the other hand, Firefox is known as the king of the hill. Still, chrome is most popular among the two web browser.


But still, there are some differences between both web browsers are how they appear. Chrome is much more space efficient as compared to Firefox. Space efficiency is very much desirable and demandable on every device. The main key changes in google chrome are changing and handling the tabs. Firefox runs all tabs under one process while chrome creates a separate process for each tab. The advantage of this design is the tabs are independent to each other. If one tab crashes, then it will not affect rest of the tabs. But in the case of firefox, if a single tab crashes it will gradually terminate the process that brings all other tabs with it.

If you type characters in the address bar of firefox, it will bring up pages in the history that usually contains the typed text. It proved very helpful when you are about to look for a Page that you have already visited but you are not sure about their address. But in chrome, it functions by attempting to make sense of what you are entering the input. It basically shows pages, search queries, and suggested sites. 


Very recent Google has added an add-on support but is not much comprehensive as compared to Firefox is. Chrome is new and untested while Firefox is an old and stable web browser. Firefox is not much efficient as compared to google chrome. Firefox creates all tabs into a single process but it is not same with the google chrome. Chrome creates a process for each tab. The address bar used in chrome handles the input in a different way from how Firefox does. Chrome does not have a wider selection of add-ons as compared to Mozilla firefox. You can also say that Firefox is completely open source browser while google chrome is not a completely open source web browser. For chrome flash player is built in the plugin but in Firefox plugin is available but not plug in. 


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